Technology and the use of ICT’s within the classroom

ICT’s and various technologies, i believe are becoming an integral part of the teachers’ repertoire within the scholarly scene. The term ICT itself, or Information and  Communication Technologies encompasses all forms of technology that able us to preview, review, connect and communicate with whoever whilst wherever we may be. Looking at what Anderson (2010) has said on the USQ StudyDesk, ICT once IT (Information Technology) was used to describe floppy disks, computers, scanners, printers etc. However, in a few years time, saw the internet come into play and now laptops nearly in every school. Therefore it will be essential for us as forthcoming teachers to incorporate the use of technology into our own personal pedagogy.

I am currently studying HPE for Secondary teaching, so the ICT’s that would be evident in my classes will slightly differ to those of a regular classroom. Examples of ICT’s that i would use would be stopwatches, video cameras and recording utensils all of which are beneficial for the students when it comes to critiquing and evaluating their ability within different sports. Furthermore, theory classes would consist of these PowerPoints and Word Documents as mentioned before to enhance the students learning experiences.

Overall, I am a strong believer in the use of ICT within our schools, accepting that they can be difficult at times and a struggle to first fathom. However, if we are able to master the use of these technologies, our future students will benefit greatly.




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